Special Thanks to 2015 March4Meg Supporters


March4Meg was born out of a desire to honor Meg Moonan, spread  skin cancer awareness and to raise money to further the advancement of melanoma research. We are very happy so many family members, friends, businesses and individuals have donated their time and money to March4Meg. We have come along way since we began this in November of 2012. We could not have done this without our supporters.


Many of the same supporters, family members and friends are still devoting their time and resources to March4Meg three years later. For this we are eternally grateful.


New this year is Team Registration. We are happy that many families are putting teams together in support of a loved one. Some very special teams to March4Meg are Team Lucy (in honor of Lucy Barry), Team Susie (in honor of Susie Griffin), Team Hops (in honor of Tom Hopkins) and Team Nate (in honor of Nathan Dombrowski). Their family members remember honor them through volunteering, spreading awareness and stepping up to stop melanoma.


Thank you to Dennis Duffy, Karen Sexton and Jill of the Evergreen Park Community Center who devotes their time and energy every year.


Thank you to Kate Carney, volunteer coordinator; Terri Bahwell, director of operations; Mary Pat McGeehan and Maureen Donovan, sponsor coordinator and Katy Simon, photographer.


Thank you Vida Reid who volunteers every year to be the "nurse" to all of our participants. This year Vida and her team passed out first aid, blankets and kleenex.


Dr Frank Tobin, Theresa Longo, Laurie Firman and everyone at Southwest Dermatology who provides free skin cancer screenings to the public.

Special Thanks to 2013 March4Meg Supporters


Meg's husband, Ken Moonan and their children Luke, Ellen, Will and Marty for their love, support and dedication to the event

Evergreen Park's Mayor James Sexton​, granted our wish to have a 5k run steps from Meg Moonan's home

Dr Adam Riker of the Cancer Institute of Advocate Christ Medical Center

Our Committee who donated so much of their time and energy these last 6 months

Dennis Duffy, Evergreen Park Community Center, granted us countless meetings and full access to the community center

Evergreen Park Police Department​, especially Police Chief, Mike Saunders, Deputy Chief of Police, Wayne Gutkowski and  Mike Orelove

Evergreen Park Fire Department, especially Fire Chief Ron Kleinhaus

Superintendent of Evergreen Park Grammar Schools, Dr Machak

Todd Jones, Crossover Collective, LLC, our first supporter and designer of our logo

Anita Snow, for guiding us and giving us invaluable advice

Kevin Healy of Healy and Associates, our campaign manager

Bill Drew, our lawyer who helped us became a non for profit 

Running Excels, one of our first supporters who provided the overall awards and registration space. Thank you Bev and Jim!

Irene Westcott, writer, wrote our tagline "Step up to stop melanoma"

Mike and Pat Carney of Flow-Technics, Inc, donated the printing of our marketing materials

Dan Dust, graphic designer, designed all marketing materials including the posters, t-shirt, course map

Geri Neylon, Christmas Without Cancer

Vida Reid and Little Company of Mary Hospice Nurses

Dr Frank Tobin, Theresa Longo, Laurie Firman and everyone at Southwest Dermatology

Mark Grover, Stars and Stripes of Chicago, who printed our beautiful yard signs and directional signs for the race

Marathon Printing for your incredible t shirt printing and quick turn around time

Bill Figel of Figel Public Relations, LLC who immediately took us under his wing and gave M4M and melanoma much needed media exposure